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Online application for the Fall Admission

This page contains information on the application procedures.
For first-timers, please read over carefully before starting your application.
Please be sure to read the Application Guidelines as well.

Flow of application
Your application will be complete after finishing all the steps as below.


●Read the application guidelines.

●Prepare application documents in advance of application.

Make sure to check the application guidelines here.


●Online application

Access the Hosei University online application system and register the applicant information.


●Payment of the screening fee

Pay the screening fee on the application system using a credit card. Make sure to check the "Screening Fee Payment"here.


●Upload your photo and Self-Introduction Video on My Page
(Check the necessity of video in the application guidelines.)


●Send application documents by post

Print out and fill out the application documents and send them to Hosei University by post by the deadline.


●Check your applicant number and your result on My Page

Please refer to the application guidelines for details.




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Application period

Read application guidelines to check the application period.

Before you apply

Check the methods for Screening fee payment.

Screening fee payment must be completed with the credit cards shown below.

  • Credit card
    visa.gif master.gif JCB AMERICAN EXPRESS DinersClub

* If you are paying by credit card, your application will be processed at the time of Registration and Application.

Prepare a printer for an A4 paper

Please prepare a printer for an A4 paper. Both black-and-white printing and color printing are acceptable.

Provide an e-mail address that can be used on your PC .

If you don't have an e-mail address, please create one before starting the online application.

  • Using e-mail addresses that are on free hosts such as Gmail or Yahoo! is at your own risk.
  • Please note that e-mails sent with regards to your online application can be directed to the Spam folder of your e-mail account.
  • Please note that after processing your Registration and Application, and Screening Fee Payment, respective e-mails on the aforementioned will be sent to your e-mail. These e-mails may be wrongfully deemed to be spam depending on your mail server - in which case, you may not receive them.

Prepare the application documents

Please prepare the application documents well in advance of the deadline for application because it may take longer time than you expect.
For the details of each documents, please refer to the Application Guidelines.