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Personal information registered to Hosei University is to be solely used for the processing of applications to take the university's admissions.
We are strongly implementing all possible measures with regards to the management of all personal information.

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You must read advance preparations and handling of personal information.
Afterward, click the Registration and Application button below and perform the application procedures while following instructions on the window.

Handling of personal information


Personal information that you provided at application such as your name, address and others will be used for operations such as "Entrance Examination Implementation (including Applicant Data Creation), "Test Results Announcement" and "Research and Statistics on the University's Entrance Examination". When outsourcing our operations to external parties within the range of purpose of use, personal information will be properly handled and stored in secrecy according to contract. Management of personal information will be properly done based on "Hosei University's Regulations on Handling Personal Information".

*You can apply at the start date of application from 10:00 am.



Registration and Application

Check the FAQs to solve your application problems. If you cannot solve the problems with the FAQs, please contact us (ebdp-i@ml.hosei.ac.jp).
Please note that it may take a while to respond your inquiry. In addition, we cannot respond outside of our business hours.