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* Registration and Application commences from 10 AM of the day of the start of application.


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How to Apply

This page shows the 10 steps of the procedure to complete the registration. Read this page carefully before applying. Please note that GIS applicants do NOT need to take the "Step 8 Upload Self-introduction video". Uploading the Self-introduction video is necessary only for GBP, SCOPE, and IGESS applicants.

* Please make sure to mail your application documents after completing the online procedure.

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To confirm the online application registration

  • For those applying online for the first time, please read the Guidelines on Online Application first before clicking on the Application and Registration button found on the top part of this page.

hosei_e-modori.pngOn going back to the previous screen
Do not click the “Back” button or icon found on the top left part of your browser.


preparation Register email address


Please enter email address and click on the Registrationbutton.


preparation Completion of email address registration


Your Email address has been registered.

Please read the information that appears on the screen and click on the Closebutton to exit.


step1 Select Admission Category


*Click the URL in the email which will be sent to your registered email address.

Please select admission category and Click the Nextbutton to continue.


step2 Select Department, Course


Plese select the course you want to apply for and click Nextbutton to continue.

To return to the previous screen, please click the Backbutton in the bottom of the screen.


step3 Enter Personal Information


Please enter required items and click the Nextbutton.

You must enter the items again if an error is shown.

To return to the previous screen, please click the Back button in the bottom of the screen.


step4 Enter Questionnaire information


Please enter your information without any omissions and click the Nextbutton.

You must enter the items again if an error is shown.

To return to the previous screen, please click the Back button in the bottom of the screen.


step5 Confirm Entered Items


Please confirm all items you entered.

To revise the information, please click the Backbutton in the bottom of the screen.

If you do not need to revise, please click the Nextbutton.


step6 Payment


Please click the Nextbutton after entering the credit card information.

Please confirm the registration information carefully since you will not able to change it after payment.

To return to the previous screen, please click on the Backbutton in the bottom of the screen.


step7 Complete Registration


Your application registration has been completed.

Please read the information on the screen and click the Closebutton to exit.

You will recieve an email including your Reference number and Security code.



  • Online applications are accepted up to 23:59 of the last day of applications. However, you still need to mail your application documents to the university. Do send your application documents before the deadline for submission. Please proceed with the payment procedures, leaving enough time before the deadline.
  • There will be no reimbursements once the Screening fee has been paid.
  • An additional JPY 900 will be charged on top of the Screening fee.


step8 Upload Self-introduction Video


You must upload the Self-introduction video on My Page.

Please click the Application Confirmationbutton at the top of the screen and go to a login page to My Page and log in with your Reference number and Security code.

Please click the Upload Self-introduction videobutton on My page and upload the Self-introduction video following the instruction shown on the page.


step9 Print Enrollment request form


You can print the Enrollment request form on My Page.

Please click the Print Enrollment request formbutton then click the Print button in the bottom of the screen .

The Enrollment request form must be printed in A4 paper size. Please make sure that the whole items are shown by using the preview function.



step10 Submit necessary documents

Put all necessary documents in an envelope for A4 size documents (240 mm by 332 mm).
Mail the envelope using a courier service such as EMS or FedEx to Hosei University.
Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
*Applications must arrive at Hosei University no later than the deadline.

For concerns on operating the website

Support Desk on Website Operations for Prospective Students
E-mail ebdp-i@ml.hosei.ac.jp
Before you contact us, please check the FAQs section.

Times indicated below may change depending on the period

  • ◆2017/12/04 (Monday) - 12/22 (Friday)
  • ◆2018/02/27 (Tuesday) - 03/23 (Friday)
  • ◆2018/04/24 (Tuesday) - 05/29 (Tuesday)

* We only accept mails during every admission application period.
 For the application filing period, please check Application Guidelines.

* We are closed from 12/29 (Thursday) - 01/03 (Tuesday) for the holidays.