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*For Q&A on admission, see Application Guidelines.

Preparation and confirmation before applying

Application and registration

Screening fee

Use of the systems

Preparation and confirmation before applying

The PDF file won't display, or it takes time for it to load.

Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems is required to view PDF files.
Download (for free) and install the latest version of the software by clicking the icon below.

If you have an Adobe Reader installed in your computer, we recommend you to have it updated to its latest version.

get adobe reader

If the PDF file won't display after configuration, you may try doing the following methods:

【Open the PDF file after saving】

  • 【For Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users】
    1. Right-click the PDF file link with your mouse.
    2. Save the file and open it in its save location.
  • 【For Safari users】
    1. Press 'control' + click the PDF file link.
    2. Save the file and open it in its save location.

Which kind of browser can I use?

Use the following recommended browsers:

○ Windows: Internet Explorer versions 9.X, 10.X, 11.X; Google Chrome
○ Mac OS: Safari; Google Chrome

Things to keep in mind when configuring a browser.

Be sure to have your browser accept (enable) cookies as such function is used to temporarily save registered information in the website. However, rest assured that cookies will not be used for storing your personal information. A function called JavaScript is used to make your registration convenient, so enable after reading below and restart your browser.

  • 【For Internet Explorer version 9.X, 10.X or 11.X users】
    • Enabling cookies
      Go to "Tools", "Internet options", "Privacy" and "Advanced". Check "Override automatic cookie handling", as well as "Always allow session cookies".
    • Enabling JavaScript
      Go to "Tools", "Internet options", "Security" and "Custom level...". Scroll down to the "Scripting" category and choose "Enable" in the "Active scripting" subcategory.
    • Enabling TLS
      Go to "Tools", "Internet options", "Privacy" and "Advanced". Scroll down to "Use TLS 1.1".

*In the IE 9.X browsers, "Tools" is located on the top right corner as an icon.

  • 【For Google Chrome users】
    • Enabling cookies
      Click the button with the three short lineschrome_setting , located near the top right corner of your browser window, go to "Settings" and click "Show advanced settings..." located below. In the "Privacy" section, go to "Content settings..." and choose "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" and click "Done".
    • Enabling JavaScript
      Click the button with the three short lineschrome_setting, located near the top right corner of your browser window, go to "Settings" and click "Show advanced settings..." located below. In the "Privacy" section, go to "Content settings..." and choose "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)" in the JavaScript section and click "Done".
  • 【For Safari users】
    • Enabling cookies
      In the menu bar, click "Safari", go to "Preferences..." and click "Privacy". In the "Block cookies" category, choose "From third parties and advertisers".
    • Enabling JavaScript
      In the menu bar, click "Safari", go to "Preferences..." and click the "Security" icon. In the "Web content:" category, check "Enable Java".

Can I apply using a PC at my workplace?

There are no restrictions from the university on what kind of PC you should use when applying for the admission as long as it is connected to the Internet and can print documents such as application guidelines and application forms. However, you should be careful of your office PC's settings as registration includes the input of your important personal information.

Can I apply using my free email account (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc.)?

There are no restrictions from the university on what kind of email account you should use as long as it can receive notification emails automatically sent by our server at the time of application or after payment of screening fee. However, there are cases where you won't receive such automatic emails as some email companies mistake them as spam or virus-infected emails.

Moreover, undelivered emails may not arrive to our email center. In that case, be informed that our email center cannot learn about the failure of your email's delivery.

This is a problem on the e-mail provider's system or the mailer's (PC and mobile) configuration, so we are afraid that our email center cannot provide solutions to solve the problem.

Can I use my mobile phone's email account for registration?

Do not use your mobile phone's email account for registration. Only use email accounts that can be viewed on your PC.

Application and registration

The button won't respond even if I clicked it, or the contents on the pull-down menu won't display.

Check if cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your browser.

Even if I clicked the button, the contents won't properly display on the screen.

See "Things to keep in mind when configuring a browser" above to know if cookies are enabled.
Also, know if your browser is included to the list of recommended browsers.

I realized that there are input contents mistake after application and registration.

Use the contact information included to the Application Guidelines.

Screening fee

Does the payment of the screening fee include additional charges?

You will be charged 900 JPY as a payment handling fee.

How do I know if the payment was completed successfully?

Please check your payment status on "My Page". You can log in your "My Page" with your “Reference number” and “Security code”. Also, applicants will receive a confirmation email after you complete your payment.

Use of the systems

How does your system's privacy policy look like?

The logs to be collected by our application system are managed based on Google's privacy policy. Our application system uses Google Analytics when performing collection and analysis of system logs. Google Analytics uses cookies and collects logs while excluding information that specify an individual.
Refer to the links below for Google Analytics, as well as Google's privacy policy.

GoogleAnalytics(official website)

Privacy Policy (Google Privacy Center)

For concerns on operating the website

Support Desk on Website Operations for Prospective Students
E-mail ebdp-i@ml.hosei.ac.jp
Before you contact us, please check the FAQs section.

Times indicated below may change depending on the period

  • ◆2017/12/04 (Monday) - 12/22 (Friday)
  • ◆2018/02/27 (Tuesday) - 03/23 (Friday)
  • ◆2018/04/24 (Tuesday) - 05/29 (Tuesday)

* We only accept mails during every admission application period.
 For the application filing period, please check Application Guidelines.

* We are closed from 12/29 (Thursday) - 01/03 (Tuesday) for the holidays.